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Behind the Music


"NO COMPLIANTS" By: Rari Gang 2130 Feat: Dia Capron


“We are each other’s keeper” admits best-friend brothers RARI GANG 2130. And it’s evidenced in their music; even amidst today’s pandemic the brothers are rarely apart. Harmonized in kindred spirits, parallel in name, best describes Timarlo a.k.a. Rari Zel 2130 and Timarlin, as Black Vegas/LOAD B 2130 McFadden. What motivates the pair is their personal motto that resonates in the lyrics throughout the content of their music, with a sound and style undeniably their own: To Love One| Three Times | For Nothing The Ohio brothers mesh skill and creativity to blend melodies and beats with meaningful, thought-out verses on their new single, “No Complaints,” featuring Dia Capron. Patterned in recurring alternating rhythmic notes and melodies, RARI GANG draws on life’s morals and values based on today’s lifestyle. “Our generation, even the kids have lost so much of the scruples and principles that were taught growing up, especially in the words heard in the music they listen to today. We stand strong on rebounding those standards by pushing hard on morals and values and delivering positive music for positive thought that needs to echo the importance of hard work, give them encouragement, and inspire them to do good in life through the words in our songs,” expressed Rari Zel 2130. “We want to lead as artists who are an example for them,” adds Load B. They are doing exactly that! RARI, (derived from his passion for fast Ferrari cars), ZEL, (an abbreviation for the popular Cazel classic eye-wear), flexes his voice on lead like a musical instrument, weaving through the track with vocal prowess. Younger brother Black Vegas/LOAD B (symbolizes Last Of A Dying Breed: continuing the singing tradition of their late dad), synchronizes effortlessly in unison to his brother, bending words uniquely in rhymes, swathed in hip hop strokes. Rari Zel 2130 harmonizes on, “Gotta lace my shoes/ Can’t miss my flight/ Can’t do what I do Can’t live my life.... /Hop in that foreign like whooooo.....Yeeee Geesh/ Balenci and Christian my shooooooes. Yeeee Geesh” Chiming in, Black Vegas 2130/Load B flows through the verse … “Can’t do what I Do like that, why you ask why I move like that, see a lot of Nigga’s lose like that But I still make moves like that So I crip to my loub’s like that, So I crip to my loub like that comme-de-ga song we can’t get along hearts broken homes I ain’t barely home always on the road but I’m barely gone trapping in the rain time spent alone why you say you love you don’t really love listen to your friends why she say I’m ugly messaging my phone ...” Whether flipping the script vise-a-versa with Rari Zel taking lead, and Black Vegas /Load B stepping back on the rap, the distinct common denominator between the two is their genuineness to blend music theory and vocal performance like an art. It comes as no surprise that Rari Zel 2130 is often identified with rapper/philanthropist, Nipsey Hussle. He is as committed to his culture, faith, and driven by passion to support economic empowerment for change in his community. When he’s not spending time recording in the studio RZ is guided by his inner-personality and pledge to assist others less fortunate, even physically challenged, to reading to children and and supporting the elderly. “I learn a lot from people who are older by gaining a lot of knowledge from them,” he wisely admits. Inspired by robocroon rapper Future, the eccentric Young Thug, and unconventional J.Cole, Rari Zel 2130 also names Rod Wave and singer Kevin Gates as his music influences. “When I listen to their music it’s timeless and deep. You can really feel the truth and the love they put into their craft,” adds Rari, who majored in Music Business at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. The brothers follow this same formula, mindful of remaining expressive in their own music. Black Vegas/LOAD B, “the quieter of the two,” who spent most of his teen years living the street life pushing through on his own, made sure not to fall victim to the challenges that can easily extract the dreams and goals of our youth. At times he felt lost without his side-kick mentor. After Rari went off to pursue his college studies, LOAD B focused on his aspiration of becoming a recording artist, following in his brother’s footsteps. Time was music and music was where he chose to spent his time. It’s apparent BV studied his rhythm form from some of the best in hip hop. He names award winning chart-topper Meek Mill, Chicago’s Polo G. and G. Herbo, one of Chicago’s most buzzed-about new MCs, as his music influences. Under the direction of award-winning producer Christopher Starr, Founder of CSP Music Group, who leads a team of diverse industry professionals who has assisted in the sales of over 350 million records, RARI GANG 2130 sets their pace in song-writing and laying down beats on tracks for their upcoming EP on Holla Dolla Entertainment. Learning the teachings of what constitutes the recipe for a successful career, the brothers are forming a compilation of music with meaning. Once you’ve peeped the formula, you’ll understand RZ & BV’s 2130 theory, with no complaints! 2130: To Love One | Three Times | For Nothing

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