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Hello everyone just wanted to introduce ourself to you!

We are artist from Dayton Ohio--born and raised. We got into the music at a young teen age, With that being said, we do have some knowledge of how things work, but we are still learning everyday. We go by the name Rari Gang 2130. We chose this name because it describes our lifestyle. Rari is short for Ferrari. We chose that because We have lived a fast-paced life growing up. 2130 means "To Love One Three Times More For

Nothing". We are very passionate about this music, We believe that our music will touch a lot of hearts because it has a lot to do with everyday trials from family to friends to heart breaks and most of all, fun and our Life, We can go on and on about who we are, I'm here to tell you we are BLOOD Brothers before this music any day, One Love! Rari Zel 2130 & Pablo Vegas 2130


Atlanta, GA, USA

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